Hi! I’m glad you’re here!


creative and versatile person with multiple skills. Commited to create amazing user experiences.

Capable to start and finish a project by myself. Critical thinker, finder of opportunities and curious.


To learn from each experience and to increase my skills. To work hard with a team and to boost my creativity every day.

To be highly motivated in a project and to solve new challenges that could lead me to new opportunities.

I’m focused on creating meaningful experiences.

What people know about me:

  • Self-motivated learner
  • Love outdoors and to travel with my camera
  • Cinema, series, books & music lover

And what they don’t:

  • My seven years old niece is my favourite person in the world
  • I speak fluent argentinean
  • Tim Burton’s obsessed
  • Cat lover
  • I’ve always wanted a horse, but still waiting for the right one



Nut Diet Centre

Good morning cups

We need to talk

Goya’s Nominated Films Design

Contemporary Art National Congress

Mood days

Luna del Alba – Book cover

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