Irene Dávila

Irene Dávila

👋 I have a great sense of product ownership and I’ve walked through the entire development life-cycle of the product. With no fear of getting my hands dirty, I am very organised and a restless worker with problem-solving and analytical skills who pays attention to details.

🧢 I consider myself a multidisciplinary professional. I am a team player with a startup attitude, always curious to get insights from other points of view.

🎓 I care about the results and the impact of my role. My degree in Advertising made me business oriented. Then, Uxer School’ UX Immersive bootcamp gave me the user and design perspective to understand the root of the problem. I recently completed The Hero Camp’ Digital Product Manager course to be able to add to my abilities a more holistic vision of the product life-cycle.

🎒 My background as an Event Project Manager working on cross-functional projects contributed to my strong organizational, communication and project management skills, and the tenacity to thrive in a constantly changing environment. I have a great power of negotiation and prioritization, always trying to improve processes to ensure timelines.

🚀 Self-taught, always willing to learn and evolve. I like experimenting with no-code and I’ve created, a roadmap for new PMs or professionals who want to keep learning.

About me

📝 Lean approach

🐝 Team player

📈 Data driven

👤 User centric

🧐 Problem solver

🦸‍♀️ Ownership

📣 Effective communicator

🧠 Quick learner

👀 Good eye for design

Tools I work with

✅ Jira

👨‍💼 Google Analytics

🗂️ Miro

💡 Integromat

📨 Zapier

🖥️ Wordpress

🎨Adobe Suite

🏅 Figma / Sketch

📎 Microsoft Office

Side Projects

I really love creating new products in my free time, so it has become something that allows me to learn, from the greatest discovery to the dumbest failure.


🤖 Another one coming soon!

Medium Posts

I enjoy writing about product and I try to post reflexions about my readings.

My readings


If you want to know more about me, here you'll find some random things I like.

📖 What people know about me

🔸 Self-motivated learner

🔸 Love outdoors and travel with my camera

🔸 Cinema & Netflix lover

🔸 Mother of cats

🔸 Domestika fan

🤭 And what they don't

🔸 A superpower: Chaos Tamer

🔸 My tean years old niece is my favourite person in the world

🔸 I speak fluent argentinean

🔸 Tim Burton's obsessed

🔸 I also draw on iPad Pro, watercolor, study japanese, design patterns for kids clothing or knit Amigurumis in my free time.


Feel free to reach me!



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