Irene Dávila

Irene Dávila


About me

I am a creative and versatile person with multiple skills, always committed to create amazing experiences. I am a critical thinker, finder of opportunities and a really curious person.

I want to learn from each experience and to increase my skills. To work hard with a team and to boost my creativity and capacity every day. I want to be highly motivated in a project and to solve new challenges that could lead me to new opportunities.

📖 What people know about me.

🔸 Self-motivated learner

🔸 Love outdoors and travel with my camera

🔸 Cinema & Netflix lover

🔸 Mother of cats

🔸 Domestika fan

🤭 And what they don't.

🔸 My tean years old niece is my favourite person in the world

🔸 I speak fluent argentinean

🔸 Tim Burton's obsessed

🔸 I also draw on iPad Pro, watercolor, study japanese, design patterns for kids clothing or knit Amigurumis in my free time.


I'll be happy to share my whole CV if you're interested in my profile, just get in touch!

Daily tools:

🔸 Check my tools' page to see what I like to use:

Soft Skills:

🔸 Proactive attitude, organized and efficient

🔸 Quick adaptability

🔸 Passion for teamwork

🔸 Empathy + communications skills

🔸 Mediator with psychological approach

🔸 Good eye for details, UX and design


Unfortunately I cannot share most of my work as it's confidential, but here I link some of the public ones:

Professional Projects

Also, I've working on several projects aside from my day-to-day work.

Side Projects


If you want to know more about me, here you'll find some random things I like:


Feel free to reach me! I would specially love to find new recommendations that can help me to become a better Product Manager.



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